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Nurture, retain and grow your residential community with our all-in-one software for ResLife and operations teams.


Building Your Community

Building a residential community that can survive a pandemic and thrive on the other side is a monumental task.

Polygon gives your institution the tools for the job.

Built or Small Schools

Polygon is made solely for institutions with under 5,000 beds.

Design Your Platform

Polygon is built to be customizable to your team’s needs.

Be Ready in 14 days

We aim to get you integrated, onboarded and trained in 14 days.

Polygon Rental Program

“Summer 2021”

Get the help you need for summer 2021 by using Polygon Students to automate your new student roommate matching. Our platform comes with an existing matching survey. All you have to do is upload a file of basic student information, and send the survey link to your students. The platform will do the rest of the work for you. The rental program gets you the help you need at an affordable price and without long-term commitment.

The way Students think has changed

Gen Z students have new expectations and a huge reliance on technology. They value; Digital, not paper processes. Customization, not generalisation. Experiences, not repetition.

It’s Time To Adapt

ResLife xperiences for Gen Z

Engaged Residential Community
Personalised Student Affairs Services
Well maintained facilities
Human, with a digital touch
Yes, I want to learn how to adapt for Gen Z

Automagically match and allocate roommates

A community starts with happy neighbors. Polygon uses a combination of social psychology and student preference to create a roommate matching and allocation algorithm that decreases room swap requests and makes your students feel in control.

Collaborate better

You don’t always know when you’ll be forced to work from home. To help you keep in sync with your team and stay in the know, Polygon has a built-in staff messaging system that allows your staff and students to collaborate, share ideas, and stay in sync- all inside your housing management system.

Streamline facilities and maintenance management

Polygon is the eyes and ears of your facilities management team and helps you stay on top of maintenance requests. Whether it’s a blown light bulb or a leaky pipe, Polygon streamlines your work-order and asset-utilization processes.

Deliver 5* service

When students need help, Polygon’s student front-desk makes it easy for them to ask questions, stay engaged with their RA and RD as well as connect with resources on campus. Now you can resolve issues quickly and deliver the level of customer service your students deserve.

Polygon for ResLife teams >

Create time you can give to your students and colleagues

Polygon for Housing Operations Teams >

Get the data and insights you need to become proactive

Polygon for Maintenance Teams >

Centralize work-order processes and keep students in the loop

Polygon for RD’s >

Empower students when it matters the most

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Explore how Polygon can help you with your role, or if you’re ready you can also contact us to design a custom package for your institution.

Transparent Pricing

Designed specifically for small universities with limited resources.

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