What is

Polygon Students?

Ever wondered how you are going to manage Generation Z?

Can you adjust to meet their changing needs?

Well that is where Polygon Students comes in!

Designed for Gen Z

Polygon students is a ResLife and housing management platform that has been designed with the needs of Gen Z at the center. With almost two thirds of Gen Z refusing to use something that is slow or confusing, software that they interact with must be intuitive, easy to use and quick to learn.

Building a platform that takes the needs of Gen Z into account has been a long time coming and is exactly what Polygon Students is. It is a single platform with everything students and staff need all just a click away, it couldn’t be any simpler.

Our Mission

Enrolling new students, allocating them a roommate, looking after their wellbeing: ResLife leaders are unsung heroes and oversee some of the happiest moments of their students’ lives. But paper-based processes and out-of-date ResLife software are what makes the easiest and simplest tasks painful.

We believe there is a better way of being able to lead a smooth residence life operation. That’s why we’re building a platform that gives you the tools you need to be able to know exactly what’s going on in your residence halls and what to do about it.

Everything on one platform

Our software houses everything that you need to nurture, retain and grow your residential community.


Polygon helps you measure and manage occupancy rates, room swap requests and asset utilization. You can instantly see which students are in each room, which RAs manage each floor and room condition reports. In a few clicks your team can move students around where you see fit to stay on top of COVID-19.


You no longer have to jump between mountains of spreadsheets and navigate through half a dozen different systems to access the student data. Polygon integrates smoothly with your student information systems and any other apps you use.


A community starts with happy neighbors. Polygon uses a combination of social psychology and data science to create a roommate matching and assignment algorithm that decreases room swap requests to give you, your staff, your students, and their parents peace of mind.


You don’t always know when you’ll be forced to work from home. To help you keep in sync with your team and stay in the know, Polygon has a built-in staff messaging system that’s faster and smoother than email. This gives your students an easier way to collaborate, share ideas, and stay in sync.


Polygon is the eyes and ears of your facilities management team and helps you stay on top of maintenance requests. Whether it’s a blown light bulb or a leaky pipe, Polygon streamlines your work-order processes. Your students can easily communicate their problems with words and pictures to give your facilities management team the information they need to get the job done.

Front Desk

When students need help, Polygon’s student helpdesk makes it easy for them to ask questions, stay engaged with their RA and RD as well as connect with resources on campus. Now you can resolve issues quickly and deliver the level of customer service your students deserve.

Our Story

Polygon was born of frustration. Our Co-founder & CEO TK went from a close-knit African family environment to University residence halls where he felt completely alone.

Polygon was founded in the United Kingdom (UK), where students only have to spend one year on campus before they find their own housemates and accommodation for themselves. Version 1 of Polygon was built to help these students find housing and housemates- through a roommate matching algorithm.

The launch party on 18/11 had one rule, you could not get in without the Polygon app downloaded. Our founding team pulled multiple all nighters to get the app ready- in just 2 months. 2 days before launch, we had one big problem. We had an app, a launch party booked but no properties. Our Founders happened to catch the Founder of Leydon Lettings, Bob Leydon on his way to pick up his cat from the vet. He gave them the challenge to pitch him in 10 minutes, but just when they arrived at the Vet, he agreed to give them 120 of his properties to list on the app.

The app grew from a Canterbury phenomenon to 100,000 rooms listed in 32 cities in the UK and Ireland from some of the Biggest private student accommodation providers including: Homes for Students, Students Roost and Nido Student in just 6 months.

Suddenly everything changed. Our founders had a chance meeting with a small University in West Virginia and met American Student Professionals. We met people who were missionaries. People who could have easily got high paying jobs in banking, tech or consulting but had chosen instead to devote their adult lives to helping students get from University what they received.

Our core values

01. Are true artisans

05. Empathetically speaks what’s on their mind
06. Love to see how the sausage gets made
07. Love to gain life XP
02. Don’t know their limitations
03. Are passionate about their domain
04. Treat customers like royalty
08. Are extroverted nerds

Let’s do clever things together!

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Let’s do clever things together!

If you have ever thought about working with Polygon, please submit your CV and anything else that we might find interesting below