The‌ ‌6 ‌podcasts‌ ‌every‌ ‌student‌ ‌affairs‌ ‌professional‌ ‌should‌ ‌listen‌ ‌to‌

Student affairs professionals are expected to be generalists and wear many hats. There are so many competencies that student affairs professionals need to develop, manage, and keep up with day in and day out. With limited time, it’s tempting to rely solely on Twitter or news feeds for professional development. There are a million podcasts online, and while it’s difficult to find something that will keep you engaged for more than a few episodes, there are quite a few podcasts designed to help you in your career. From interviews with inspirational people in the field of student affairs to critical conversations about current trends, here are my picks for six podcasts every student affairs professional should listen to.


#1 Student Affairs Collective

The Student Affairs Spectacular; the weekly podcast giving you a front row seat to the greatest student affairs show on earth! Hosted by Tom Krieglstein & Dustin Ramsdell. Having now hit over 150 episodes, each interview is with noteworthy SAP’s where they talk about the biggest issues in student affairs and higher education. Check out the most recent episode with James Sparkman about the unwritten responsibilities of being a staff of color on campus.


#2 NASPA SA Voices in the Field

NASPA have always been a trusted voice for all things student affairs, now they have their own podcast and it’s amazing. On Voices in the field they share your student affairs stories from fresh perspectives to experts in the field. They’ve just concluded their fourth and best season yet. It’s hosted by the brilliant Jill Creighton who is Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Washington State University and also Public Policy Division Representative for NASPA’s Region V and produced by the 20 year student affairs professional Christopher Lewis. My personal favorite is from Season 3, where Dr. Reyna Anaya and Dr. Heidi Hoskinson Speak to Jill about the impact of COVID-19 on Small and Community College.


#3 The Collective Good

The collective good tackles a big question we ask ourselves often in student affairs: “will the traditional college campus be relevant in the future?”. The premise is that “today, it seems that everything in higher education is in question. Now more than ever it’s important for us to have those tough conversations about what the future holds”. The collective good interviews the “placemakers” who are in the business of making college campuses places where people want to be. The show is hosted by one of the leading experts in student affairs Dr. T.J Logan, Associate Vice President for Residential Experience at Ohio State University.


#4 Join the Conversation, Student Housing Matters

Join the Conversation is a podcast made by the creators of the Student Housing Matters blog, which is about matters relating to on-campus student housing, as well as why quality on-campus student housing really matters. They have created their podcast to serve as a forum for sharing ideas and insights about how your on-campus student housing can do things beyond simply housing students. How it can be used as a more powerful tool to recruit and retain students on your campus. Check out their last episode “3 Things You Should Be Doing Now for 2022 Summer Conferences Recovery”.


#5 Student Affairs Now

Student Affairs now is hosted by 5 incredibly insightful student affairs educators Glenn DeGuzman, Associate Dean of Students at University of California, Berkeley, Raechele Pope who is Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer for the Graduate School of Education at University of Buffalo, Susana Muñoz who is Associate Professor & Program Coordinator at Colorado State University the speaker, consultant and Coach Keith Edwards and Heather Shea who is Director Women’s Student Services at Michigan State University. They cover a compelling range of topics like Campus Policing & Student Activism for Black Lives, confronting microaggressions, and promoting resiliency amid campus crisis and conflict.


#6 The Reslife 2.0 Show

The ResLife 2.0 show is something we have created ourselves at Polygon. The show is all about interviewing the superstars working in student affairs today changing the lives of students every day. We’ve had episodes with student affairs leaders all around the globe; from Sweden to Iowa. We’re getting ready to kick off the production of our third series and we’d love to know who you’d like us to interview. Let us know here.


By TK Gondo

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