The New Normal: 3 Tips for Coping with Covid Anxiety

Since the national lockdown earlier this year, our lives have undergone a radical change. The pandemic has transformed the way we interact with others both in our social and work lives, and for most this has been an overwhelming time. Adapting to this ‘new normal’ can be anxiety inducing, having to navigate new work schedules and conduct most of our daily lives online. Yet there are ways of reducing this stress that I have found helpful over the past few months:


1. Finding a New Routine


Keeping organised is just as essential as ever during these times. To ensure that you’re on top of things, you could create your own work schedule for when you’re working online and pencil in any important dates on your calendar for meetings and offline work. Make sure to take regular breaks! Although keeping a steady routine is important, down time is necessary in staying happy and healthy.


2. Limiting Your Exposure to the News


Being informed of the news is important, but constantly reading/watching headlines can be draining. My advice would be to set up notifications on your device for major news and/or limiting the minutes per day you spend paying attention to it. This way, you can stay alert but not allow yourself to be consumed by anxiety.


3. Staying Social


Remain in regular contact with family, friends and workmates. The current situation can feel isolating for some, so it’s worthwhile keeping in touch with those around you and letting them know how you’re doing. It might not be the same interacting online but a quick chat with a friend may ease some of your stress.


Ella Kennett

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