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Since the national lockdown earlier this year, our lives have undergone a radical change. The pandemic has transformed the way we interact with others both in our social and work lives, and for most this has been an overwhelming time. Adapting to this ‘new normal’ can be anxiety inducing, having to navigate new work schedules… Continue reading Community
In the working world and beyond, all avenues of life seem to be plagued with a surfeit of roadblocks that spring up out of nowhere. These can be practical challenges that catch us off guard or abstract problems we face day to day but regardless, they can really take their toll on our psyche. It’s… Continue reading Community
Scenario: The year is pre-COVID, let’s say any year before 2019, you are applying to the Resident Assistant or Resident Director position. You’ve practiced a few interview questions, so you know they are going to ask you about community building. They present this scenario to you: There is a pandemic plaguing the world. This pandemic… Continue reading Community

Latest Podcast

ResLife 2.0 Show – Episode 10

Derek Goss | ANUK/UNIPOL

Verifier for the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Student Accommodation


ResLife 2.0 Show – Episode 09

Jayde Ware | Iowa State University

Assistant Director of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement


ResLife 2.0 Show – Episode 08

Kat Howell | Massachesetts Institute of Technology

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Res Life


ResLife 2.0 Show – Episode 07

Dr. Marc’ Bady | COE College

Dean of Students


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